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Simple Potato and Onion Hash

Potato and Onion Hash

I love a good hash, this is a nice simple, very basic, easy one. It’s great topped with a fried egg for breakfast (this really is in my regular breakfast rotation) or served along side some sausage links and sauteed greens for a hearty, warm dinner, perfect during the cold spell Phoenix has been in!…

Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin Chili

This is very similar to my Crockpot Chili recipe I posted awhile back, but with a few adaption and the addition of pumpkin! This is great fall meal and a favorite of mine to make for Halloween, when I am much more focused on trick or treating than dinner! 🙂 I basically always serve Chili…

Squash Soup


I love squash, all kinds of squash! I honestly have no idea what type of squash I used for this soup, when I got it it was just marked “squash” I think I’ve also seen it labeled at “Mexican winter squash”. I got a huge one for a dollar the other day! No way I…