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So I was at Trader Joe’s and sampled this roasted red pepper dip, it was really good! I knew right away I wanted to recreate it at home (I mean even though Trader Joe’s prices are reasonable, why spend $3-4 on a jar of dip that I could easily replicate at home, I mean we…

Baba Ganoush


I decided to make baba ganoush with those baby eggplants I bought. I probably looked at  100 recipes and then of course just winged it after that and based it off what I had in my kitchen. I didn’t have any lemons, but I did have several grapefruits in desperate need of being used up,…

Cheese Fondue


Seriously, like other then chocolate, what can be better then cheese and bread? Yum! I know, I know, it’s not the healthiest thing out there, not even close, but it’s so good! I like to make it for super special at home date nights, which is why I thought it would be perfect to share…