Crockpot Kalua Pork

Who loves a Luau?! I do! Or anything involving super yummy Hawaiian food. Kalua Pig is that whole pig cooked underground. Well, this is a super easy, super yummy crockpot version! Long slow cooking it key to an amazingly tender and flavorful dish, 20 hours may seem long, but it is well worth it. I have cooked this for only 8-10 hours and the meat is cooked and good, but nothing compared to how amazing it is when you cook it 16-20 hours. I just turn the crockpot on right before going to sleep the night before and it’s ready for dinner the next night. The hardest part is it cooking all night long and smelling amazing, talk about waking up hungry!

Crockpot Kalua Pork

5-6 lb Bone-in Pork Roast (I usually use whatever I find on sale, the last one was a picnic roast)
2 tbsp Sea Salt, good quality Hawaiian sea salt is best
2 tbsp Liquid Smoke
1/4 Water or Apple Juice (optional depending on your crockpot)

My crockpot is some cheap off brand and doesn’t always cook very great or evenly and has the tendency to dry things out that are touching the side, so I have found for this recipe just a little bit of water or apple juice on the bottom is very helpful, but might not be necessary depending on how your crockpot cooks, the meat will make a lot of juice on it’s own as it cooks.

If using liquid put that in the bottom of the crockpot. Rub roast down really good with salt and place roast in crockpot. Add liquid smoke. Cook on low for 16-20 hours. Shred the meat as you pull it out, which typically happens natural it is so tender.

I usually serve this with some brown rice and either roasted veggies or Hawaiian coleslaw. When I just make this for dinner for the 4 of us there are a lot of leftovers, which I love. I usually separate leftover meat into meal size portions, put them in freezer bags and toss in the freezer for later use, it should keep up to 2 months like that (I always use it before then though). Some of my favorite leftovers for this meat are BBQ pork sandwiches, enchiladas, and on top of salad, but it’s such a simple recipe you can do a lot with the leftovers.