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Roasted Corn and Mango Pico de Gallo

Corn Mango Pico de Gallo

Full of both color and flavor, this pico de gallo will not disappoint. The corn and mango add a nice sweetness to a classic pico de gallo, which personally I love. I love to have a batch of pico de gallo on hand in my fridge as a go to for some added flavor. It’s…

Green Beans with Tomato and Feta

Green Beans with Tomato and Feta

Whip this up based on what I had on hand was not at all intending to create something blog worthy, but it was delicious! My kids loved it and begged me to make it again the next night. My husband was disappointed he was missing out (seriously the point was since my husband wasn’t home…



Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish that is essentially mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage, I prefer kale. This is one of my favorite ways to eat mashed potatoes! Plus it’s a great way to sneak extra veggies into my kids 🙂 If you looking for something more Irish for your St. Patrick’s Day feast,…

Irish Stout Braised Cabbage

Beer Braised Cabbage

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon! This Irish Stout Braised Cabbage is a perfect dish to celebrate with. I love cabbage and I love a good Irish stout, the two are meant to be! We have dabbled in brewing our own beer, so much fun! I’m honestly not a huge beer fan, very picky,…

Mushroom and Spinach on Toasted Bread

Mushroom and Spinach Toasted Bread

So, I love mushrooms and I really love sauteed mushrooms. I saw an episode of Kitchen Nightmare’s one time (I think this was on the British version) and one of the dishes was mushrooms on toast, all I could think was YUM! It has been a favorite of mine since then. Sadly my husband does…

Cilantro Lime Coleslaw

Cilantro Lime Coleslaw

This recipe is so simple and so easy, it’s barely a recipe. I kind of whipped it up without much thought one night and it was delicious! I was just looking for a quick, easy, refreshing side to go with dinner using up some cabbage I had on hand. As soon as I tried it…

Orange Ginger Glazed Carrots

Orange Ginger Carrots

So, my husband HATES and I mean HATES cooked carrots. While he still doesn’t love this recipe it is one of the very few (possible only) cooked carrot recipe he can stomach. So to me that’s a win! 😀 It’s nice and easy and simple. It makes a great side dish to so many meals….

Simple Potato and Onion Hash

Potato and Onion Hash

I love a good hash, this is a nice simple, very basic, easy one. It’s great topped with a fried egg for breakfast (this really is in my regular breakfast rotation) or served along side some sausage links and sauteed greens for a hearty, warm dinner, perfect during the cold spell Phoenix has been in!…

Cheesy Crescent Bacon Dogs

Cheesy Bacon Crescent Dogs

So I gotta say trying to write this that this is not *my* type of food, can you say heartburn! LOL, I was very glad for my doterra DigestZen oil blend. But boy was it tasty! Totally teenager and/or party food! Great for New Year’s Eve or Superbowl! I’m sure my younger brother would LOVE…

Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish

Topher’s Cranberry Relish Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with cranberries. I would order cranberry juice instead of soda at restaurants, mix cranberry juice with other juices at home (cranberry orange is amazing), and the cranberry sauce was always my favorite part of our holiday meals. In high school, I began…